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Mahjongg gaining popularity at the online casino

Mahjongg is a classic Chinese game played by four players that combines elements of skill, strategy, and calculation, and relies on a varying degree of luck during the course of the game. There are several different variations of mahjongg played throughout Asia and often gambling is a key part of the game-play. In short, the object of mahjongg is to create complete suits of threes, out of 13 or 16 tile cards. Chips and dice are also used in the game of mahjongg. The first player to build complete suits by using the winning tile in order to completes the player's set of either 14 or 17 tiles wins the game of mahjongg.

Often players that enjoy mahjongg also like to incorporate gambling into the game. It comes as no surprise then that mahjongg has found a home on the internet and many of the top online casinos are now offering mahjongg alongside other popular casino games like poker. The fact that mahjongg uses tiles (sometimes even called cards) and that suits must be completed, makes this game similar in nature to poker. Like poker mahjongg also requires skill and strategy in order to win.

Poker and mahjongg share other similarities. They are both multi-player games that require skill and strategy and enjoy immense popularity around the world. Mahjongg quickly made its way to North America and gained popularity in the West during the 20th century. Like poker it is played in all different types of gambling environments like large casinos as well as in private homes. Some people play for real money bets and other simply play for fun. And like poker mahjongg is also played in tournament fashion.

If you're interested in playing online you won't have trouble finding mahjongg at some of the leading online casino. Play the free downloadable software version of mahjongg for fun in order to try it out and once you've got the hang of it you can try gambling on mahjongg for a chance to win. Good luck!


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