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Scoring the Hands

Once a player has gone out with a Mahjong hand (five combinations plus a pair), that player's hand is scored by adding up the number of tái (represented by the symbol ) that hand is worth.

Note that gàng count everywhere as if they were triples, except as otherwise indicated.

The winning hand takes as many of the following as apply to their hand, except in the case where some are mutually exclusive. (For example, if you have both a Pure Hand and Self-Touch, you take the Pure Self-Touch score, not all three of them. If you have five hidden triples, you just take the "5 Hidden Triples" score, not the "5 Hidden Triples", "4 Hidden Triples", and "3 Hidden Triples".)
Waiting for One1Were just waiting for one tile to go out, and won drawing that tile (doesn't have to be self-touch).
Exposed Gàng1Each exposed gàng.
Hidden Gàng2Each hidden gàng.
No Characters1Hand contains no winds or dragons.
No Flowers1Hand contains no flower (or season) tiles.
Pure Hand1Never took a discarded piece for gàng, pùng or chi.
Self-Touch1Personally drew the winning tile from the wall.
Pure Self-Touch3Both Pure Hand and Self-Touch.
Gàng Blossom1Drew winning tile when replacing extra tile from gàng or flower.
Plucking the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea1Drew the very last tile from the wall, and won with that tile.
Robbing the Gàng1Robbed a player's gàng to win.
Full Beggar's Hand2Entire hand formed from others' discarded tiles, with only one hidden tile left.
Three Dragons1Triple of any dragon.
House Wind1Triple of the wind corresponding to your "house" direction.
Round Wind1Triple of the wind corresponding to the prevailing wind of the round.
Flower Tile1For each flower tile corresponding to your "house" direction.
Four Flowers2All four flower (not season) tiles.
Four Seasons2All four season tiles.
Peaceful Win2Hand is all runs of three (sequences only), plus a pair. The pair must not be of winds or dragons. Waiting for One or Self-Touch are not allowed.
All Pòng7All triples (and a pair), no runs.
3 Hidden Triples2Hand contains 3 hidden triples.
4 Hidden Triples7Hand contains 4 hidden triples.
5 Hidden Triples14Hand contains 5 hidden triples.
Unified One Color7Hand is all from same suit, pair is of character tiles.
Lesser 3 Dragons7Two dragon triples, plus a pair of dragons.
Lesser 4 Winds7Three wind triples, plus a pair of winds.
Greater 3 Dragons14Three dragon triples.
Greater 4 Winds14Four wind triples.
Purely One Color14Hand is completely from one suit, including the pair.
Seven, Stealing One14If you have 7 flowers, you automatically win the game when the 8th flower is exposed. The person who drew the 8th tile is the loser. If you draw the 8th flower, you automatically win with Eight Immortals.
Eight Immortals14All eight flower tiles.
Heaven's Grace14Win on 1st turn with no gàng, pùng or chi.
Earth's Grace14Win on 2nd turn with no gàng, pùng or chi.
Dealer's Point1If the dealer wins the hand, he/she gets an extra 1.
Consecutive Win2Dealer gets an extra 2 for each consecutive hand he/she wins, after the first. This is in addition to the Dealer's Point.
Eight and a Half Pairs14Seven pairs and a triple. The triple must not be ``pong''ed from discards--it must be hidden.

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